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At Design Hotels we focus on the people who make our member hotels extraordinary and who possess wildly imaginative spirit.

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Vasily Grogol Bursa Hotel

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Annemoon Geurts & Koen Rijnbeek Kazerne

Whether designers or developers, owners or operators, our Originals are always outstanding personalities and singular thinkers. They are the engines behind pioneering design and revolutionary hospitality. They shape the way we travel; they influence the way we work, and they inspire us with new and exciting hospitality concepts.

Whenever we choose a member hotel, we always look for its distinguishing factor: the originality in its concept.

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Membership with us means a relationship built around a shared future-forward vision that moves in step with our shifting world. Our deep knowledge in brand management, PR and communications, creative design, digital experience, content marketing, and social media bridges the gap between creative forces and the world of hospitality. Through direct access to international sales, marketing, revenue management, and distribution teams, we help our member hotels thrive in each of these critically important areas. We hold meaningful relationships within the international media landscape and connect our member hotels with today’s creative, proactive, and influential travelers.

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Consumer Community

Connect with our community of affluent, lifestyle focused travelers and get access to the world’s best-in-class hotel loyalty program: Marriott Bonvoy™

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Travel Trade Community

Get access to the most influential decision-makers in the industry and benefit from more than 100 yearly sales events and targeted communication.

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Media Community

Get exposure with the opinion-leading journalists around the world and benefit from Design Hotels’ authority within the luxury-lifestyle media.

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Distribution Services

Benefit from state-of-the-art reservation and distribution technology and get access to our global knowledge in revenue management and distribution.

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