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Berlin Oberbaumbruecke

We’re a global brand headquartered in Berlin, Germany, with over 100 bright minds on our team, which bursts with more than 39 nationalities.

We are searching for the Originals out there from our visionary hoteliers to our talented teammates. It is our vision to create an inclusive and diverse global community for design, architecture, and culture, and to become the definitive source for original hospitality experiences rooted in authenticity and a respect for local culture.


VP Asia Pacific Region

Type: Full time, Singapore


Distribution Technology Coordinator

Type: Full time, Berlin


Distribution Technology | Internship

Type: Full time, Berlin


Global Reservations Agent

Type: Full time, Berlin

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We love the curious enquiry of travel. The free-flowing cultural exchange that inspired environments can foster. Across the world, our hotels anchor a community of travelers who seek genuine experiences, and transformative, boundary-pushing pursuits. We see the workplace no differently. Multinational and inclusive, we are committed to building on a foundation of mutual respect and human connection that is fully aligned with our organisational mission of being a multicultural brand.

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We bring a global mindset forged on community values into all that we do. Since 1993, we’ve been crafting a portfolio which today includes 300+ privately owned and operated hotels that reflect the vision of independent hoteliers—or “Originals”—with a passion for culturally-rooted hospitality. Our deep knowledge in brand management, PR and communications, creative design, digital experience, content marketing, and social media bridges the gap between creative forces and the world of hospitality. Roles in international travel trade relations, portfolio development, distribution technology, e-commerce, business intelligence, finance, human resources, and information technology, mean we offer full in-house expertise.


Taking a creative laboratory mentality to heart, our offices are vibrant spaces for co-creation and collectively pushing ideas forward. Headquartered in Berlin, our teams extend the world with spaces in cutting edge creative-social hubs in London, New York, Los Angeles, and Singapore.

Global Offices

Brand Lab

Berlin sits at the cross section of innovation, technology, and art, and our Brand Lab in Berlin is a fitting temple to all three. The Brand Lab workspace is a seedbed for impactful ideas to be shaped and shared with friends and collaborators. From here, our in-house creative team produces all of our award-winning Brand Projects, such as the Design Hotels Book, Directions magazine, Original Experiences, and Further, among others. More than a space for creativity, the Brand Lab is a place to connect over communal intention. And a darn good coffee.

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