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015 MBO Vocabolo Moscatelli

Frederik Kubierschky & Catharina Lütjens

“Fred always says that he feels the most at home in Italy, where he grew up. And I’m happy that we’re coming back together now.”

MBO Mamula CJ Teaser

Samih Sawiris

“When you have been exposed to several cultures throughout your life, it changes who you are.”

Portrait Dexamenes KV CJ

Nikos Karaflos

“I grew up right here. It was a simple and slow life. I remember learning about the qualities of time and space”

MBO Innit CJ

Michal Tyles

“The art of conversation is one of the things that people seem to be losing in the world today.”

MBO Luma CJ 3

Alan Wong, Aaron Chin, & Jennifer Wang

“We are empowering the locals here with The Luma, a place people can be proud of, a place where they can host their foreign visitors.”

MBO Palazzovelabro CJ

Cristina Paini

“I want you to leave Rome not as a tourist but as a resident.”

Mbo Dakis Joannou Culture Teaser 02

Dakis Joannou

“My main interest is to share ideas, engage in dialogue, and offer opportunities for people to see things from a different angle.”

MBO Musa Thumb 3

Andrés Saavedra & Tara Medina

“It was a happy find, but we weren’t prepared at all. It was almost like it was given to us.”

MBO Somewhere Lombok Teaser

Claire and Valia Gontard

“We are very much about showcasing a destination as a place where people live and not as a place where tourists simply bring their own culture with them on their trip.”

Microsoftteams Image (128)

Christiane Wassmann

“Especially in the summer, once it gets cool in the evenings, everyone goes to the piazza in the heart of the village.”

01 MBO Hotel Hotel (2)

Alexandre Martins

“Nowadays, people in Lisbon are looking to add value—to change the city and the country for the better.”

Microsoftteams Image (14)

Dr. John & Edy Wilkinson

Maki Bara and Rob Kline are bringing fresh energy to the pioneering wellness destination founded by Dr. John and Edy Wilkinson.

001 MBO Minos Art Beach (1)

Gina Mamidakis

She set out to promote Greek culture, the work of Cretan artists, and her homeland’s rich cultural experiences. The result is a beautiful success.

Mbo Rote Wand Culture Teaser

Josef Martin Walch & Natascha Walch

Once a small guesthouse, today Rote Wand Gourmet Hotel is a culinary wonder. Meet the visionaries who honored the property’s legendary, small-town past by boldly moving it onto the world stage.