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COVID-19 Protocols

Covid19 Protocols 01

Cleaning & Sanitation

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our member hotels have adopted a stringent set of cleanliness guidelines to ensure the safety of their guests and staff. As our hotels are individually owned, each has a personalized, thorough cleaning and sanitation plan in place. We encourage you to check our hotels’ individual websites for more information about specific protocols.

Safety & Regulations

Many of our member hotels have partnered with the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control in an effort to adhere to all necessary safety guidelines. Additionally, our hotels follow mandated local safety regulations. Learn more about World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control guidelines.

Extended Cancelation Policy

Because we now find ourselves living in a “last-minute” world where plans, flights, even entire countries can change from “go” to “no-go” overnight, many of our hotels are offering flexible change and cancelation policies, which are available on Now you can book worry-free.

Marriott’s Industry-Leading Protocols

In an effort to be as thorough as possible when it comes to implementing safety protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic, Design Hotels has implemented Marriott International’s industry-leading protocols where possible. Together, we are committed to elevating the cleaning, sanitation, and safety standards throughout our portfolio of member hotels.

For more information on any of the topics above, please do not hesitate to contact our Reservations Team.